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Hi there! Here is a personal project that stands a bit apart from the personal work have been developing lately.
It is a self promotion short film we have done with 2 animator friends for a school we will open in France
next year.

So there is basically 7 week of full time work for an animator and me. And 3 or 4 days of rigging work.
It is all rendered on 1 computer using redshift.
Apart from the poorly shoot intro shot, everything is full 3d. We will try to prepare a small making of soon!
So it is not the most highend video in the world but it was the goal to do it in a limited amount of time and ressources.
I hope you'll find it fun!

Réalisation/Modeling / texturing / shadding / Lighting / FX / Compositing:
Jean-Michel Bihorel

Luc Degardin

Camille Campion

Arthur Mazure

Sound design/Mixage:
Ozan Kurtuluş

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